SUMIGRE Multiplier  Event by Schola Empirica 

Colorful class: how to cope with cultural differences was an event held by Schola Empirica, in two Czech cities: Louny and Prague, during two days: 4th-5th June 2019. How it looked like? Participants of this event met representatives of three Czech NGOs: Schola Empirica, In Báze and Meta. All these organizations showed excellent view of good practice how to work with children, in multicultural – colorful – classes. They presented their activities, interesting games and mainly introduced the SUMIGRE moodle platform: Training of Migrant-related Educators. Participants went through together, covered all moduls and main ideas.The event was closed by life discussion of all participants. They discussed their own experiences and shared together possible solutions and innovative ideas.

BDA Multiplier Event for SUMIGRE

The multiplier event for the project SUMIGRE – Supporting Professional Development of Migrant-related Educators for Bulgaria (E4)  was held on 18th of July 2019 in Sofia, Bulgaria. The event was visited by 21 professionals from schools, VET providers, Higher education, Community centers, Public authorities and migrant workers. During the event a brief introduction to the project, its aim and objectives, as well as the developed intellectual outputs were presented to the public. Latter on the audience was in detail presented the e-learning platform of the project and more specifically the course in Bulgarian language. The presentation covered topics on how to register, how to use the platform and how to follow the course. The multiplier event finished with a discussion, were the participants expressed their views that such materials are indeed much needed. Further on the discussion was on how exactly they could use those materials in their everyday work with migrants, minorities and children from different countries and cultures.  The participants also discussed on how to disseminate the information about the project and its results to their colleagues in the institutions they work in. 

As a general opinion the participants agreed that the course materials can empower teachers to work not only with migrants, but also with children of different minorities in Bulgaria. Overall evaluation of the presented materials and the e-learning platform was very high.  

IOM Multiplier Event for SUMIGRE

IOM Budapest organized the SUMIGRE multiplier event on 12 June for professionals working with migrants. After a short introduction to IOM’s work and the SUMIGRE project, we presented the E-Learning platform and the training curriculum for migrant-related educators. Among the participants were NGOs, international organizations, translators and also trainees who had already started to use the platform following a workshop held in May. They shared their feedbacks about the training which they considered useful and informative, and encouraged other attendees to check out the platform.

At the end of the event, participants filled in an evaluation form. Based on their comments, it seemed that they found equally useful the project’s two intellectual outputs, the Migration Report and the training curriculum.

BDF Multiplier Event for SUMIGRE


On the 5th of July, we organized “Together for the Newcomers!”, the multiplier event of BDF organised for SUMIGRE. The aim of this event was to bring professionals together who work with newcomers/migrants. The program contained the following: a full presentation of Erasmus + project SUMIGRE by Sasha, Siebren van der Zwaag who is the owner of BLIKSPUIT (a bar where all sorts of activities are planned with newcomers/migrants) and last but not least Nasr Ali from Eritrea who told the audience what newcomers actually need for a proper integration in The Netherlands. Nasr also shared some success stories about the people in his network. After these presentations/lectures there was time to exchange knowledge and experiences with colleagues from different organizations in this sector.

Prior to our multiplier event , 50 organisations were reached by phone, e-mail and Facebook, and around 40 people participated.

SUMIGRE  Multiplier Event by Kartepe HEM 

Kartepe HEM organised their SUMIGRE multiplier event on 21/05/2019 in Kartepe to give comprehensive information about the project and its intellectual outputs:  the Migration Report and the e-Learning  platform&the curriculum for migrant-related educators. More than thirty participants , most of  whom  were school administrators with migrant students, participated in the event.

 Kartepe HEM’s director,  Mr.Halil İbrahim Alkan shared information about  the aims and outputs of the project, the importance of the collaboration between diverse sectors in addressing  migrant issues and the need for increasing public awareness of the migrant issues in order to gain their support. Further information about  the online training course for migrant-related educators and how the potential trainees can access and use the online platform was also provided.

  The initial face-to-face evaluation of the event showed that  the participants found the information they received very useful and expressed their interest in the ongoing e-learning activity.

Multiplier Event: The SUMIGRE Workshop

Event host organisation: Consonant (formerly Migrants Resource Centre) Dates: 6 June 2019 and 28 June 2019

Consonant organised ‘The SUMIGRE Workshop’ to introduce the Migration Report and the Training Curriculum for Migrant-related educators to local and European stakeholders, who are active in the field of migration. The multiplier event took place in two sessions, in order to offer the opportunity to the participants to personally be engaged in a learning experience, which would enhance their knowledge on the areas of our project. Our sessions were attended by 21 participants, who are working with organisations, which are specialising in the domains of integration, education and digital literacy. The event’s agenda was informative, educational and participatory. The activities included the presentations of the project’s outputs, an interactive quiz game with questions found in the Training Curriculum and a social tea break, which aimed to introduce participants to the English culture of ‘Afternoon tea’ and encourage the initiation of discussions on culture and awareness. The participants shared their positive feedback on both days of the event, emphasizing on the clarity and the importance of the information provided, as well as on the fact that they became better aware of the issues around intercultural communication. Additionally, the participants illustrated that both the Migration Report and the Training Curriculum can be very useful tools for their work. They also shared that they enjoyed the interactive parts of the event and that they were impressed by the use of ‘The English Afternoon Tea break’ as an incentive for discussing the impact of intercultural awareness. In conclusion, the participants said that they were keen to share the information about the project with their colleagues and that they were looking forward to reading the modules of the Training Curriculum.

The final SUMIGRE TPM 


The final transnational meeting of the SUMIGRE project, which was hosted by our partner IOM Budapest,  took place in Budapest on the 20-21st of June 2019.

 Special attention was given to the e-learning platform and the trainees’ feedback so far, the e-course  is available now in all partner languages. The responsible partner presented and analysed the results of the evaluation of the project activities, mainly the multiplier events and the e-learning activity.

We also  dedicated some time to  the budget of the project as the final report is getting closer. The rules of filling in the financial report was explained to the partners and the need for regular contact and cooperation was enhanced.

The upcoming tasks are to prepare the  final report and continue the dissemination and exploitation activities, both at local/regional,  national and European level to ensure the sustainability of the SUMIGRE intellectual outputs.

The 2 -day meeting ended with a general satisfaction of the partners about the work done during these 2 years. All proposed project activities have been accomplished in line with the work plan. All present expressed their satisfaction with the high level and positive collaboration between the partners and the quality of the project outcomes.

SUMIGRE Multiplier Event by KOGED


We organised our multiplier event for SUMIGRE on 27/04/2019 in İzmit to further spread the word about the project and the completed intellectual outputs: the Migration Report and the e-Training Curriculum for Migrant-related Educators. The virtual  learning platform offers a unique opportunity for free access to e-training of educators working with migrants and seeking support to their professional development.

We welcomed the target groups and key stakeholders who participated in the thought-provoking debate on the project topics and exchanged knowledge and experience about the migrant issues and the challenges experienced by  the educators in their every day work with migrants.

The attendees included the representatives of the regional municipality ,educators and administrative staff from local schools, trainers and administrators from NGOs and  charities, and the members of the youth organisations and the local community.

You can access  the intellectual outputs on this website, for the virtual  learning platform, just click on E-learning!

We were in Sofia for our 5th transnational project meeting


                The fifth  transnational project meeting of the SUMIGRE was held in Sofia,BG on the 5-6 th of March, 2019. Our partner ,BDA hosted the meeting and the Agenda included some important issues such as the completed Training Curriculum: Migrant-related Educators’ Training and the e-Learning platform. The online training will be accessible in all partner languages: Turkish,English, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Czech and Dutch. Follow us on this website for the  web address of  the platform!

                The partners also shared information about their local dissemination activites and discussed the guidelines for the organisation of the upcoming multiplier events. Our partner, BDF, shared the results of the internal evaluation they have been conducting with all present.

                The  3rd newsletter , designed by MRC and Kartepe HEM, was another topic for discussion. It is to be avaliable on this website shortly!

The 4th SUMIGRE partnership meeting in London   


Our  4th project meeting was organised by MRC and held in London on the 6-7th Nov. 2018. We dedicated  the better  part of the meeting  to the development of the curriculum for e-Learning training in May, 2019. The curriculum aims at educators working with immigrants, asylum seekers and refugees . It includes modules on  essential topics such as the human rights of immigrants,development of  intercultural  awareness, intercultural competences and communication, cultural enterprise in  education, discrimination in education and second language teaching.  Our next  task will be to translate the curriculum into the partner languages in order to ensure its wider use by the national target groups.

On the 1st day of the meeting , the Protection Gap Advocates , who are asylum seekers,  participated in the meeting.They shared information about their experience and their expectations of educators who teach immigrants. It was  thought-provoking  for us all!

We also had the opportunity  to learn about  the interim evaluation and dissemination results of SUMIGRE thanks to the detailed reports by our partners BDA and BDF. We were happy to note that the good communication and the commitment of the partners were especially emphasized  in the Evaluation report ! According to the Dissemination Report , the project has been disseminated to more than 10000 people so far via various tools  and channels! This  amazing figure  shows that all of us  have been using the dissemination tools at our disposal very efficiently

Local Workshop at KOGED

KOGED organised a thematic workshop in Izmit on 20th October to further disseminate our ongoing project SUMIGRE and its 1st intellectual output, the Migration Report( avaliable on While the primary aim of the workshop was dissemination, we also aimed to call the participants’ attention to the importance of intercultural awareness which is one of the topics of the training curriculum the SUMIGRE partners have been currently working on.The curriculum will be complete by the end of 2018 and the translated versions will be accessible on the project website next year.The workshop was held in three consecutive sessions with a focus on culture, its layers, the importance of a)avoiding stereotypes and assumptions in real life and b) understanding of one’s own culture.

Self-reflection exercises were followed by animated discussions and the post-activity evaluation.

Local workshop in Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic, the workshop took place on September 13, 2018, in Jablonné nad Orlicí. On the workshop, social workers working with children and youth, the employees of Schola Empirica, an academic worker from Faculty of Humanities, Charles University, and crime prevention manager participated. Within the Agenda, the project, its goals, and outputs were introduced and the participants discussed the contribution of the first annex on Good Practice Examples of the Migration Report (1st output) to their work. They rated most of the good practice examples positively. They just criticized the system limits which often doesn’t allow any bigger change.

Local Workshop at Migrants Resource Centre

In the United Kingdom, the local workshop on the SUMIGRE Project took place on October 31st at Migrants Resource Centre’s head office in London. The workshop was attended by ESOL teachers, whose work with migrants and refugees is greatly contributing to the mitigation of the structural barrier of communication, faced by their students. The participants were introduced to the Project, its Aims and its Intellectual Outputs. In particular, the meeting was dedicated to the presentation of the Migration Report, as well as the Training Curriculum and it was followed by a discussion on the challenges met by educators in migrant related environments and on the type of training, which would benefit them in their work. Generally, the participants found the Migration Report as an interesting compilation of different countries’ migration reports, they expressed their interest in reading it in detail and they were very keen to learn about the current situation in the countries of the partner organisations. Notably, they illustrated the importance of sharing good practices and being informed on training opportunities.

Local  Workshop at BDF

On the 25th of October, BDF has organised a workshop in Leeuwarden for the migrant-related educators to learn more about the Migration Report, which is SUMIGRE project’s first output. Not only were the educators introduced to the migration situation in each partner country, they also had an opportunity to get inspired by the good practices in those countries. Because the project’s second output will be a Training Curriculum and an eLearning Platform, the migrant-related educators expressed their ideas on what is needed for a good Training Curriculum. They have highlighted that the Training Curriculum should be as practical as possible and that there should be an emphasis on the intercultural communication. Overall, the educators find that they have learned valuable information during the workshop.

Local  Workshop at KARTEPE HEM
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Kartepe HEM organised a work shop on the 13/09/2018 to disseminate the project &the Migration Report,the first intellectual output.
26 teachers and directors were invited to the work shop.
The Migration Report was introduced among the migrant related educators.

The 3rd Transnational Meeting of SUMIGRE


Our partner, Business Development Friesland(BDF) hosted the 3rd transnational meeting of the project in the city of Leeuwarden on the 12th-13th of July 2018.

The primary aims of the meeting were the overview of the project development, the activities implemented so far and the results – mainly the completed Migration Report which is downloadable from this website-and setting up the schedule for the next activities and tasks. The translated good practices from the partner countries are also accessible on this website.

BDF shared the results of the evaluation of the two previous transnational meetings with the partners, the participants also shared information about their ongoing and upcoming dissemination activities which includes a thematic workshop by the end of the 1st project year.

The better part of the meeting was dedicated to the 2nd intellectual output of the project: Training curriculum for migrant-related educators who are the main target group of the project. We discussed the structure and the contents of the curriculum& the layout and clarified each partner organisation’s individual task.

The two guest migrant educators, who are responsible for providing integration programmes , gave general information about the situation of migrants in the Netherlands and Dutch language education for non-Dutch migrants in the country. They also mentioned the common challenges they have to deal with in their work which led us to reflecting on our own experiences !

SUMIGRE partners were in Prague

We held the 2nd transnational meeting of SUMIGRE in Prague on 16-17 April 2018.Our Czech partner, Schola Empirica hosted the meeting which focused mainly on the finalised draft of the 1st intellectual output of the project: Migration Report. It will be accessible on the project website by the end of June, 2018.
We presented our national good practice examples of a)provision of training opportunities for migrant-related educators in the partner countries and of b)cross-sectoral collaboration in migrant-related issues. These will be annexed to the Report and translated into the partner languages.
The visits to the two migrant-related organisations, which were quite inspiring, gave us an insight into how they go about their work and what kind of services they provide for migrants.
Last but not the least at all, the meeting enabled us to exchange experience and knowledge, share views and monitor how the project has been proceeding.

Project SUMIGRE kicked off  on 18-19 January 2018 in Izmit, Turkey


The meeting focused mainly on the aims, objectives, project financing, project management& monitoring tools, the outputs, planned activities and the expected outcomes to understand the project background, understand the criteria which will ensure our success and  understand our tasks and responsibilities and agree on certain issues.

There were  extensive  discussions about the 1st intellectual output, the Migration Report which will contain information about not only the situation of migrants in the partner countries but also the training opportunities provided for educators working with migrants. The Migration Report is expected to be finalised and published on the website in June, 2018.

After the meeting concluded, we paid a visit to the “Al Shami Kitchen”, a cooking and bakery facility provided for Syrian refugee women by Izmit Municipality, and tasted the  traditional Syrian food which they cook and sell to contribute to their family income. The walk through the Izmit Historical Corridor and other sightseeing spots was the final activity of the 2-day meeting.

We will meet again in April,2018 in  Prague where we will be taking a look at  the draft of the Migration Report which is, by the way, to be OER and downloadable from the website.

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