Kocaeli Kültürel Gelişim ve Dayanışma Derneği  is a non-governmental and non-profit organisation.It is mainly engaged in activities aiming at the cultural development of the community and  personal&professional development of individuals.The organisation has been implementing non-formal training activities and organising  events such as meetings,workshops and awareness-raising campaigns to raise the community’s awareness of the important social issues. KOGED has also been implementing national and international projects since its foundation in 2009 to achieve these aims. Amongst the issues KOGED has addressed so far are equity, societal gender equality,women’s rights,volunteerism,vocational guidance by professionals , youth entrepreneurship in rural areas, basic skills training such as linguistic and ICT.The organisation is also engaged in actions addressing the large number of refugees from Syria in the area ;these include establishing a network with local public and private organisations,organising awareness-raising activities to get the local community more involved in the issue and participating in projects aiming at social integration for refugees.

KOGED has  also been giving support and providing mentoring for other organisations in the development and implementation of  internationally-funded projects in order to strenghten  the operational capacity of NGOs. The organisation has a wide network of local/regional/international partners(especially CSOs&schools, local governments,other public  institutions as well as Kocaeli University).