Intellectual Output#1


Migration Report



Migration       Migration       Migration         Migration       Migration        Migration                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Report-EN     Report-TR     Report-CZ        Report-NL     Report-BG     Report-HU


ANNEX 1:Translation of the good practices in training opportunities for educators working with migrants&cross sectoral collaboration in addressing migrant issues in the partner countries



SUMIGRE Good Practices EN.pdf


SUMIGRE Good Practices TR.pdf


SUMIGRE Good Practices NL.pdf


SUMIGRE Good Practices BG.pdf


SUMIGRE Good Practices CZ.pdf


SUMIGRE Good Practices HU.pdf


Intellectual Output #2

SUMIGRE Training Curriculum:Migrant-related Educators Training_(EN)

SUMIGRE Training Curriculum:Migrant-related Educators Training_(NL)

SUMIGRE Training Curriculum:Migrant-related Educators  Training_(TR)

SUMIGRE Training Curriculum:Migrant-related Educators  Training_(HU)

SUMIGRE Training Curriculum:Migrant-related Educators Training_(BG)

SUMIGRE Training Curriculum: Migrant-related Educators Training_(CZ)